Sandy: At Least 100 Dead

Friday, November 2, 2012 - 3:48pm

U.S. death toll enters triple-digits in wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Five days after Hurricane Sandy and still millions of people across the northeast are struggling.

Food, fuel and power all still out in some of the hardest hit areas.

Power lines are slowly going back up, but many places are still over-matched by the devastation Sandy left behind.

The long road to recovery are literally lined with hundreds of thousands struggling to survive.

The lines for gasoline and other supplies stretch for blocks if you're lucky, but more often for miles.

Relief could be on the way.

Fuel tankers are now moving back into New York harbor.

Help has been much harder to find for many on Staten Island, and hope is quickly fading as well.

"We have bodies being removed up the block. We are devastated here," says one resident.

Many are also disgusted the city has decided to run this weekend's New York City Marathon.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg stresses the run will bring much needed revenue and send a strong message to the world that New York will come back.

"We have to work around the clock to help people get through this thing, and I assure you we're doing that and if I thought it took any resources away from that we would not do this," Bloomberg said.

Some families left homeless by the storm are now being pushed out of hotel rooms by runners who have reservations.

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