Sandy Hook Survivors: Back To School?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 4:15pm

As a new school is readied to house Sandy Hook students, some say they can't go back.

Their school is still a crime scene, and it will be for months, but we now know where and when survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre will return to class.

The Chalk Hill school is in Monroe, Connecticut, about seven miles from Newtown.

It was empty until two days ago, when movers started bringing in everything they could from Sandy Hook Elementary.

Administrators announced Wednesday that Sandy Hook students will return to class at Chalk Hill on January 2.

"We're hoping our students will come in and visit the school this week so that they can cross the threshold of the school and know its okay," says Newtown school superintendent Dr. Janet Robinson.

For some it may not be okay.

"There were only, I believe, four first grade classrooms, two of them were basically massacred," says Eric Milgrams, the father of a Sandy Hook first grader.

Milgrams' daughter Lauren huddled with classmates in a bathroom as her friends were murdered in the class next door.

"She's just too afraid, she doesn't want to go to any school, for that matter now, because she's just so afraid of another gunman or something else bad happening," Milgrams says.

That fear is one of the reasons President Obama announced a White House task force to curb gun violence, and in a written statement the National Rifle Association said the group is "prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again."

There is another painful reminder of that in Newtown today as three more first graders and a teacher who died trying to save their lives will be laid to rest.

Witness say that teacher, Victoria Soto, confronted the gunman and that allowed several kids to run from the classroom.

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