San Juan Police Using New Technology to Deter Crime

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 9:35am

A new gadget for police in the City of San Juan is being used to read license plates on vehicles to deter auto theft crimes.

The gadget is called License Plate Reader System and is being used as a second set of eyes for the officer to detect auto theft as they patrol the streets. This is how it works, the device is able to take a snap shot of a license plate from cars in front of the patrol unit and then runs the plate numbers through a system which indicates officers if the vehicle has been reported stolen.

It's also useful if there's an Amber Alert out because license plate numbers are given out when an abduction has taken place. At the moment, San Juan P.D. only has one reader and the device costs around $5,000 dollars. The department is hoping to purchase more readers by applying for grants in the near future. Police are hoping that something so small will make a huge impact in curbing crime in the city.

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