San Benito Firefighters Concerned About Benefits

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 10:54am

SAN BENITO - Some firefighters, in San Benito, say they are concerned about their benefits and salaries. They say they want to speak with city leaders about the issue, Matt Fernandez has all the details.

Everyday fire fighters from San Benito fire department go out and battle fires. Henry Lopez is the city's fire Marshal and a 33 year veteran. He and the fire fighters say want to talk with city officials to make sure they are getting everything they deserve.

"We are not asking for more money we are asking for what we had which is our stability pay, our classification which means if a Lt. is gone a fire fighter will move up to Lt. spot and get paid the Lt. spot. Whatever benefits we have had that's all we want we don't want anything extra, we don't want a raise we are asking for what we had."

Lopez says he concerned about losing several thousand dollars from his salary which he says he should get with his stability pay.

"It's like a reward, you are here so many years, and every year it increases."
"It's similar to longevity, it's an incentive to keep you in the department so you don't leave somewhere else."

Lopez says there's others concerned about losing money from their stability pay.

"I am not the only one who has an excess of 29 years that were getting the maximum amount so we have several fight fighters that lose a lot of money, some of them are paying child support obviously there's not to much concern for people and hurts finances."

Lopez is hoping fire fighters and city leaders can discuss all their issues they have through what's a meet and confer.

"Met and confer is when you sit with administration and try to work things out come to understanding of what we can and can’t have."

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