Same Roads Different Paths

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 - 9:41am

President Obama and Gov. Rick Perry travel the same roads to speak to voters about very different paths for the country.

The President wraps up his three-day bus tour today in Illinois and before rolling out of Iowa, he saluted the Midwestern work ethic.

"And having a chance to meet some of the men and women in this room have only made me more confident," said President Obama.

The President was literally traveling the same road as one of the GOP candidates.

Texas Governor Rick Perry also expressed confidence in the nation, but not the President.

“I really believe that we can create jobs in America again. You know his idea to kind of study this thing," said Perry.

Today Perry is in New Hampshire and so is Mitt Romney.

"You're seeing the Republican party united in way I haven't seen before," said Romney.

Michele Bachmann was on the attack in the key primary state of South Carolina.

"We are the brokest nation in world. That has happened in our lifetime. Can you possibly believe that that's the United States of America," said Bachmann.

The run-up to 2012 has many roads, but only one path to the White House.

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