Salvation Army expects high turnout from cold

Salvation Army expects high turnout from cold
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 4:31pm

A mini cold-front is hitting the Valley, with lows around 44 in the Upper Rio Grande Valley on Wednesday.  

The Salvation Army in McAllen is gearing up for more beds to be taken Wednesday night.  It sees typically 40 people a night out of the 60 beds available.  But with the colder temps outside, workers may need to pull out extra cots for the dining area to accommodate the influx.  

"The main thing is the cold weather. The cold weather is always going to bring a lot of people in," said Uriah Curtiss of the McAllen Salvation Army.  "Sometimes when it's really hot in August, we'll also get another big jump...  We are expecting a lot more people, we think tonight we'll be full.  Which is good, that means that we're going to help more people. But it's also bad because it means more people need the help."  

The Salvation Army also received its first shipment of coats on Wednesday from a local dry cleaner.  

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