Running Squirrelly

Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 9:27am

Woman finds nest of squirrels living in her car's engine.

A Braintree, Massachusetts woman made a startling discovery under the hood of her car Wednesday.

Joanie Ranahan was just having a little engine trouble, so she took her car to a mechanic.

The problem was totally obvious.

There was a family of squirrels nesting inside.

Mechanics say Ranahan was driving a time bomb.

"They said 'you are so lucky your whole engine didn't go on fire,'" said Ranahan.

The source of her flashing "engine warning" light was a whole cluster of newborn squirrels.

"I went into the garage, and the hood's up, and there's like 10 people looking into my engine," said Ranahan. "There was a squirrel's nest, and it was like, cocoon-like. There were sticks and hay. It was crazy, I don't know how she built it so fast, because 3 weeks before, I put fluid in for the windshield wiper. There was nothing there then."

The squirrel had chewed through so many wires, the mechanic told Ranahan her engine could have ignited at any second, and she had been driving her car everyday.

"I was very lucky, believe me. Except for the bill, $642. The wires were chewed," said Ranahan.

She hopes her close call doesn't happen to someone else.

"I called my neighbors and I said, 'check under your hoods' I said. Because you never know, you know?" said Ranahan.

The mechanics called a wildlife expert on Cape Cod who works to rehabilitate animals.

She said the baby squirrels, which are only about a week and a half old, are doing okay.

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