Running Out Of Time

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 3:01pm

Rescuers race weather as they comb through Joplin rubble.

The search for survivors continues in Joplin, Missouri where at least 119 people were killed Sunday in the worst single tornado in more than 50 years.

Emergency teams continue to sift through miles of debris, moving the twisted metal and splintered wood, searching for any sign of life.

Relatives of 15-month old Skyular Logsdon are conducting their own search for the missing toddler.

Five other members of his family were found badly injured shortly after the storm leveled their home, but there's been no sign of the little boy.

His parents' injuries are so severe that they don't even know he's missing.

"We just need to find him," says great-aunt Ronda Cheek.

Another round of severe weather is expected this evening, which could hamper search efforts.

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