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Wednesday, July 13, 2011 - 8:58am

New technology lets doctors monitor expecting mothers 24/7.

Meg Diepenbrock became a mother this week, giving birth to her healthy baby girl.

She says her delivery went smoothly.

"Dr. Hoff was here as the labor was progressing, I thought he just had perfect timing but he was clearly aware what was happening," she recalls.

Aware thanks to new technology that enabled Dr. Hoff to watch Meg's contractions in real time on his iPad.

"That way we can look at the instant information provided and help ensure the welfare of the patient is protected long before we get to the hospital," he explains.

Dr. Hoff and other OB/GYNS at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, California have been using Airstrip OB for about two weeks.

Dr. Hoff says the technology has even enabled him to monitor patients when he was out of the country.

"We were in Costa Rica last week and I was able to see the baby's heart beat while I was in Costa Rica," he says.

Before this app nurses would have to read bedside monitors, call a doctor and verbally describe what they were seeing, a tough and time consuming task.

Now doctors can check in and see up to four hours of monitoring including the babies heart beat, and contraction patterns.

That's not all.

The technology can also be used to monitor heart disease patients for abnormal heart rates.

At Sequoia Hospital doctors are focusing on mothers in labor.

Meg says the technology helped her feel like her doctor was at her bedside even though he couldn't be there every hour of labor..

"I appreciate real time information that be delivered to doctors anywhere so they're aware of your body it takes the risk out of the process," she says.

Reducing risks to her baby and offering peace of mind that her doctor is just a heart beat away.

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