Roofing company donating supplies and time for homeless shelter new roof

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 10:04am

A local roofing company is giving their time to put on a new roof at the Ozanam Center.

The supplies were donated by a local supplier and roofer, Stuart Owen and his workers are putting in the roof for free. The roof is being put on the homeless shelter's administration building.

The Ozanam Center provides shelter and food for about 65 homeless people, Director Victor Maldando stated, "Our facility, we really don't have the funding to do it. This type of repairs, major repairs on our building so when someone like Mr. Owens comes in that wants to provide assistance we will take it."

Stuart Owen stated, "It feels great, I was impressed when I got here and found out they don't have a lot questions. When people get to the door if someone is need they have a place to sleep and provide food."

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