Romney Makes It Official

Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 9:23am

Republican hopeful to make his bid for the presidency official.

Another Republican jumps into the presidential race today.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is expected to make his formal announcement.

Romney is trying to make it clear that he's the "anti-Obama".

"He's been one of the most ineffective Presidents at the job at hand that I've ever seen," Romney said recently.

Romney critics say he'll face a difficult task distancing himself from the President's health plan.

President Obama's plan was based on Romney's.

"My bill was 70 pages. His bill is 2,700 pages," Romney has countered. "In those extra 2,630 pages he's doing a lot of stuff that is just devastating to the healthcare system."

Romney's first challenge may be Sarah Palin.

Her bus tour is generating a lot of publicity, but is it leading to a presidential announcement?

Palin won't commit.

Whoever runs will need a lot of money.

President Obama's campaign's aiming to raise $60 million this month.

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