Roma Husband Shoots Wife and Himself

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - 9:35am

ROMA- A husband and wife were found dead inside a Roma home and investigators say all signs point to an apparent murder-suicide. It happened at 19 Eagle Street, officials with the District Attorney's Office tell News Center 23 that the couple had marriage problems. The husband shot his wife in the back and in the head and then pulling the trigger on himself. one neighbor we spoke to say that this couple was a Christian couple and hearing the news astonishes him.

"It was the least thing i could imagine something that really surprised me the most was the fact that he had a weapon. he was a very calm person, i would never thought he would have a weapon in his house," said Sergio Hinojosa.

He went to school with the suspected trigger man Olvado Barrera when they were both living in Ciudad Mier, Mexico and he now lives down the street where investigators said Barrera shot his wife Azalia Barrera and then shot himself in the head around 8:30 in the morning on Sunday.

"Upon arrival we discovered a couple male and female have been have been shot further investigation revealing that it was a homicide suicide the gentlemen killed his wife then killed himself," said Capt. Homer Flores, whose with the Starr County District Attorney's Office. Flores added that the couple had been having problems with their marriage for a few weeks, something Chinooks never witnessed.

"They were a very united couple, never saw they had any problems. They were always together and a very beautiful couple we're still in shock. I could never thought this would happen in their lives because they were Christians and were very close to the church," said Chinooks.

The murder marks the first homicide of the year for Starr County and we're still waiting for the autopsy results to come in and we'll let you know as soon as we hear word.

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