Rojas Back In Court For Punishment Phase


POSTED: Monday, August 22, 2011 - 8:12pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 8:38am

EDINBURG- The second stage of the Rojas murder trial began Monday morning. Roberto Aguirre Rojas was found guilty by a jury last Thursday and now they'll decide his fate.

Home video of Sylvester's sixth birthday was shown Monday morning in court, he and his three brothers that was seen in the video were murdered by Roberto Rojas.

Monday started the sentencing phase of the murder trial, during this time is when the jury will make a decision whether or not Rojas will live the rest of his life in prison or would face the death penalty.

"And the only way to get justice for these victims is through all of you guys," said Prosecutor Michelle Puig in court.

"The evidence doesn't help answer the future danger question," said Sergio Valdez, Rojas' attorney.

Amelia told the jury life after her family's death has been hard, she even thought about committing suicide after the sentencing so she can be with her love ones again, but that idea has slowly drifted away. She told the jury she still feels threaten by Rojas.

" There's no doubt in my mind, no doubt. he will come after my family and finish what he had in mind. there's no doubt in my mind," said Flores.

 Rojas pleaded guilty last Monday for killing his mother law and Flores' three children. A jury came back with a guilty verdict last Thursday.

Prosecutors say Rojas poses a future danger while the defense says that's not true. They want a sentence of life in prison instead of the death penalty. The jury will decide that in the next coming days.

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