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Friday, October 15, 2010 - 8:20am

Last night's 30 Rock episode was like no other.

For the cast of "30 Rock", it was night unlike any other.

"We're having a blast. It takes 6 days to film an episode. Tonight, we're doing it in 30 minutes. It's fun!" said actor Judah Friedlander.

A dress rehearsal and two live performances…one for the East Coast and another for the East Coast…all in one night.

"Between the East and West Coast shows, I took a shower to get the cake out. It was like going to a cake beach," said actor Scott Adsit.

The transition from a filmed show to a live one made for a hectic week, but
produced no blunders.

"It was a lot of hours. It was a late night last night. Worth it today," said actress Tina Fey.

The show featured guest appearances by Matt Damon and Jon Hamm, whose hand transplant underwent a sex change between shows.

But the surprise guest was Julia Louis-Dreyfus, playing Tina Fey's character in flashback.

“First we were saying maybe I'll just run back and forth but we thought it would be more fun to have someone play Liz and she was the first choice because she's the best comedic actress out there with brown hair," said Fey.

It was just part of what made "30 Rock, Live Rock”…a special night.

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