Road Rage: Throat Slashed

Road Rage: Throat Slashed
Monday, May 13, 2013 - 4:07pm

Angry biker slashes driver's throat.

(KFOR) A trip to the grocery store took a violent detour Friday morning for George and Amy Pierson.

George's neck was slashed from his ear to Adam's apple after a confrontation with an angry biker.

"No horn honking. No flipping off, the normal road rage things I thought. The next thing I know he was bleeding," Amy Pierson said.

"I tried to calm him down, 'Really? Are you seriously mad about that?' That was nothing. I know cut offs. It wasn't a dangerous cut off," George added.

After several minutes of cursing, George climbed out of his car.

That's when the belligerent biker whipped out a switch blade.

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