RNC In Full Swing

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 2:30pm

Storm delayed convention finally gets into gear.

Mitt Romney is preparing for the biggest week of his political life.

When his wife addresses the Republican National Convention, and the nation, in prime-time tonight she'll urge voters to consider what she calls "the right things".

Mitt Romney will watch his wife's speech, then go back out campaigning.

If Ann Romney is nervous, she didn't show it at her walk through.

RNC delegates, anxious to get going after Day One was canceled, can't want to hear her.

"I think Ann Romney is probably the greatest spokesperson that Mitt Romney could have," Idaho Delegate Tracey Wasden says.

In his speech tonight New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will tout Romney's political savvy, and his ability to work with Democrats during his time as governor of Massachusetts.

Delegates hope Christie's speech sways undecided voters.

"I think what it'll do is make people stop and reevaluate where we are and the direction we are going," says Georgia Delegate Ralph Hudgens.

Republicans have competition for the nation's attention.

Hurricane Isaac is set to make landfall on Louisiana, and President Obama is already involved in the government response.

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