Ring Leader in Car Theft Operation Arrested, Investigators Say Vehicles Delivered to Gulf Cartel


POSTED: Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 11:14am

UPDATED: Friday, May 6, 2011 - 5:09am

Guadalupe Ramos Mora, according to police, is one of the ring leaders on the states side of a vehicle smuggling operation. She went before a judge Thursday after investigators had gathered enough information to arrest her for her role in the crimes.

"One of the interesting things as a result of this investigation was that the vehicles being stolen were introduced into Mexico for the cartel,” said Eddie Perez of the Brownsville Police Dept.

Just Sunday, one of her smugglers, Eduardo Romero was arrested for trying to drive a stolen SUV across the Veterans International Bridge. Agents there discovered the vehicle had just been stolen 20 minutes before and called Brownsville police. Once in custody, Romero admitted his involvement in six other thefts and pointed at Ramos Mora as his boss, but she wasn't giving orders alone.

"Information is that Ramos and her husband are the leaders of the auto theft ring," said Garcia.

Investigators say Ramos Mora worked in conjunction with her husband, Marcos Urquieta Mora, who is in prison in Mexico. He is locked up there for the same thing, vehicle smuggling and possession of auto theft instruments, but it's believed that he's been passing along smuggling orders to her, from inside prison.

"I regret everything, I didn't steal the vehicles, he would call me and I was threatened," Ramos Mora told the judge before being dismissed.

Police say additional arrests in connection to this vehicle theft ring are possible.

Ramos Mora's bond has been set at $90,000.


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It is very good that the theft ring busted and will help to identify all the culprits in the ring. The vehicle theft gives very big financial blow to owner or dealer who owns that car.
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