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Monday, July 22, 2013 - 11:31am

A social media warning for parents. Instagram captures more than just photos.

(KYTV) Instagram is one of the hottest social networking sites for tweens these days.

But, more and more parents are discovering that it comes with a very big concern, your kid could wind up putting your home on the map without even knowing it.

"Most older people don't have Instagram," said Molly Matysiak. "That's like our kind of thing."

Hot, because it's not your mom and dad's social site. Many don't know just how much those pictures are revealing about those young people.

"It's just pictures," said Molly Matysiak.

But, it turns out, it's much more.

That simple picture could include location data mapping exactly where you took the photo.

After just 20 minutes, I knew 14 year-old Molly Matysiak's top five places to take pictures, including her school, her friend's house. Her home.

"I don't like that," said "Tracy Matysiak. "That bothers me. "

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