Research Being Conducted on Tiger Shrimp

Friday, March 2, 2012 - 9:59am

Recent findings of Tiger Shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico is causing concern for some local shrimpers and their business.

The massive Tiger Shrimp has distinctive stripes on their tails and are feeding on the same type of prey as crabs and oysters native to the Gulf. Some shrimpers say the Tiger shrimp may decrease the number of brown and white shrimp in the Gulf and Marine scientists are planning to conduct genetic studies on the Tiger shrimp to determine their origin.

Texas Sea Grant County Extension Agent Tony Reisinger said, "What we are doing is making fishermen more aware and since they are more aware we are getting more coming in. We have about ten brought in since the beginning of the year and some of them are over a foot long." Reisinger has been working with the Texas Sea Grant and the Department of Parks and Wildlife to get the word out among shrimpers and urging them to bring in the Tiger species for research.

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