Republicans On The Move

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - 8:50am

Republican Presidential candidates are out on the campaign trail attacking President Obama, and each other.

Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann is in South Carolina, taking aim at President Obama and denying she earned up to 50-thousand dollars from a family farm that took government subsidies.

"What we do know to be true is my husband and I have never taken dime," said Bachmann.

Bachmann could be the biggest clue as to whether Sarah Palin's Iowa appearance this week means she's really running for President.

Charlie Cook, Political Analyst for "The Cook Political Report” said, "Michele Bachmann is chewing up a lot of the bandwidth that Sarah Palin would be going after."

Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty, who didn't even break double digits in Iowa's latest poll, is talking foreign policy…criticizing the President for not doing more to keep Congress in the loop on Libya.

"I think he had a couple of the leaders over for sandwiches. I think that could have been more systematic and more broad," said Pawlenty.

Presidential Candidate John Huntsman is in Texas and the Midwest today after a campaign stop in Utah where he took aim at Washington's unproductive budget negotiations.

"I think it is the will of the people to move toward a balanced budget," said Huntsman.

President Obama is expected to address the stalled deficit talks at a news conference later this morning.

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