Recovery In Joplin

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 9:21am

Following one of the deadliest tornado strikes in half a century, Joplin, Missouri begins to pick up the pieces.

The recovery effort continues in Joplin, Missouri following one of the centuries deadliest tornado's.

116 people are dead and hundreds more are injured, after a massive twister stormed through the city on Sunday.

The tornado cut a path through the middle of town for six miles, and neighborhoods were wiped away in a matter of seconds.

Those who were used to dealing with aftermath of such tragedies are now suddenly caught up in their own as St. John's Medical Center was ripped apart.

"When we came out, it looked like a war zone. It looked like we had been hit by a bomb," said Dr. Ron Smalling of St. John's Medical Center.

As the winds calmed, rescue and recovery teams moved in searching for victims trapped in the rubble.

After more than a day later that effort continued as crews fought through the debris, forced to battle more severe weather.

Harsh rains, wind and lightning, continue to make the job even more difficult.

Still, one of the hardest tasks of the day, was returning to what little was left of their homes, looking for any sign of life before the storm.

Help has been pouring in from communities in neighborhood states.

"I'm gratified and amazed at outpouring of support from our neighbors," said St. John's Medical Center Dr. Jim Riscoe.

Overwhelmed by emotions of what has happened, and the reality of the long and difficult recovery to come.


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