Recount for Precinct 54


POSTED: Friday, November 19, 2010 - 11:04am

UPDATED: Friday, November 19, 2010 - 1:51pm

With a lot of confusion over the weekend with the recount of the County Judge race the elections Administrator is finally talking. He says one precinct will be counted and that's Precinct 54.

"Provided by the election code I hereby order a recount of precinct 54."

This decision comes after elections administrator Roger Ortiz had named Carlos Cascos as the winner over the weekend. Three hours later he says that a staff member says there was a possible problem with a precinct. Ortiz says a tally sheet was then found from precinct 54.

"This tally sheet had been done that night simply a missed number on my part, giving it out so we can total everything."

With those numbers on the tally sheet it show John Wood as the winner according to the Democratic Chairman.
We spoke with John Wood following the recount announcement.

"Recounting precinct 54 is a good move, from the information we have been told last Sunday morning by including the total votes of everybody of precinct 54 there will be a change in the vote totals."

We tried contacting incumbent judge Carlos Cascos and he didn't not return our calls.
A recount date has not been set yet.

In addition Newscenter 23 spoke with a poll recounter earlier Thursday afternoon who says that if the democratic chair argued about a vote that elections administrator would say it's for John Wood. She adds if a ballet was marked for both candidates the vote would go to John Wood. We asked the elections administrator and democratic chair about the allegations.

"That's false completely false I have never taken sides with anybody I have always kept an election clean."
"I mean that's absolutely false."

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We should count all precints again to make sure that tally's were taken out from another precint
or else have a new eletion. Period!

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