Ready For The Storm

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 10:36am

Floridians are being urged to get their hurricane kits together as Emily approaches.

As Tropical Storm Emily continues to churn off the coast, Florida residents are being urged to stock up on necessities before the winds and raine arrive.

The shopping list is not daunting, but it is crucial to get through the storm -- especially if power and water are lost.

The most important item is water.

Each person in a home should have one gallon of water, and it is recommended to have a three-day supply.

That means a family of four should have about 12 gallons of water on hand.

Water will also be needed for bathing.

One tip that might help is to fill the bathtub with water as a storm or hurricane approaches.

Other essentials are candles, flashlights, oil lamps, batteries and matches.

Also, non-perishable food will be needed, such as canned meats, dried fruit and canned vegetables.

A non-electric can opener should also be available.

Make sure to purchase enough pet food for any approaching storms, too.

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