RAW VIDEO: Shootout between police and murder suspect

Friday, March 22, 2013 - 12:13pm

Texas authorities say a man who led law enforcement on a high speed chase may be linked to the death of a Colorado state prison chief.

The scattered remains of a high speed chase ended in gun fire and a crash. Law enforcement suspects this incident could be connected to the murder investigation of prison Chief Tom Clements

Texas officials say the driver sped away from a traffic stop after shooting a deputy multiple times. Officers caught up to the car, where the driver was still firing, when the vehicle slammed into an 18-wheeler. After the collision, the suspect exited the car still shooting.

"When he came by me, 100 miles per hour, maybe, just shooting out the window, he didn't want to be taken alive. It was obvious that he was trying to hurt someone or the police," said Decatur Police Chief Rex Hoskins.

Police fired back at the man who is now brain dead and on life support for possible organ donation.

Authorities have identified the shooter as Evan Spencer Ebel, 28.

Wise County Sheriff David Walker said the description of the car, a black box style with Colorado plates, is what tipped off Colorado law enforcement of a vehicle seen near Clements' home at the time of the shooting on Tuesday night.

Although police will not yet confirm a match, Colorado investigators are headed to Texas to see if there is a connection to Clements as well as to the murder of Nathan Leon, a pizza delivery driver found shot to death just days before the prison chief.

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