Raw Video of Cummings School Shooting


POSTED: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - 11:23am

UPDATED: Monday, April 30, 2012 - 6:55am

News Center 23 EXCLUSIVE RAW VIDEO from reporter Matt Searcy: A Cummings Middle School student is being arrested and taking into custody as Brownsville Police believe he is a witness to Today’s event. Tune in tonight on News Center 23 at 5 for Team Coverage with Matt Searcy and Claudia Mickle on Today’s school shooting at Cummings Middle School in Brownsville.

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why do people start blaming the parents for the kids actions ni a days parents can be strict with their kids because it abusement. there are parents who try very hard to keep their kids out of trouble but right away the law and the schools call it abusement. SO WHAT ARE WE TO DO?

lets remember. it took place in the school. not at home. does anyone remember when they were growing up? you were different in school than you were at home. i do i agree with you grandma

Why is that kid in the video hand-cuffed and taken into custody if in fact he is only a witness to the shooting?

I strongly agree with the police officer's actions and back them up 100%....despite all of the criticism, they this what they had to do in order to protect others...I BACK THE BLUE...

protect others? did you read or watched the news? you too go and have your coffee.

do you have any kids? and you back the blue????? are you a police academy reject, who's hoping that someone in the academy can read your post in hope to get enlisted? enrolled? who in their right mind would say that? you're heartless and if anyone touches mine WE WILL have a problem.... Ever heard of protocol? ever heard of procedure. well, those officer (BLUE) followed neither. Hostage negotiators are on standby for negotiation of holding hostage. remember. Pellet gun. good for your resume....

jail would have been better then making that kids parents go through what i garentee there going through right now...fake gun or not dont mean you blame it on mom and dad... they didnt hand him a gun and say here go hurt some one today he did that all on his own!! but i love how ppl these days jump to the "its the parents fault" card with out thinking about how this is affecting them!! GOOD FRIGGEN JOB PPL!!!

I agree with you to a point but, when the kid decided to point it at the officers that meant he wanted to use it. And parents are quick to blame police. Where did the kid get the BB gun? who bought it for him?Why not listen and put it down? What if it were real and he did kill another kid? Cops did a job and parents want to blame cops?why was this kid disturbed sometimes parents need to ask instead of accusing. I dont blame parent 100 percent but where were they emotianaly for the kid?

It is obvious that the Progressive Liberal mindset is active in this school. The shooter is a "Victim" of bad parenting and lousy teachers.

You obviously don't know shit about guns and their awesome power and you never shoot for the head or a extremity when a shooter goes bonkers. He may be a 14 year old teenager but the motives and video games he plays don't have deadly consequences.

GROW UP boys it's big time when you banish a gun..

valleshakesper you seem to know alot about this!

wait. since when we were over seas? soldiers mindset when confronting a child with an m16 (the real thing)have a choice. its called "kill or be killed". and its ok then. why? cause its a real thing, and the bomb strapped to these kids are also. cause its a heart wrenching truth. but on u.s soil? remember now. pellet gun. bad parenting? did you really watch or read the story carefully? i did. and it has smears and blood written on those officers. have your coffee then maybe comment

Of course it is obvious that this is just another Liberal plot by the Obama administration to take our guns away from us. He probably planted that "student" with the gun as part of his socialist agenda. The student of course is latino, which is proof that we need stronger border security in this country. .... or it could just be a deranged student in a localized incident.

The police did their job and for those of you who have posted stupid comments, let's just hope that when you need a policeman to come out because your family is in danger of being shot or killed or tortured that he shoots to kill because if he doesn't the criminal is gonna shoot to kill you and your family.

you took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking the exact same thing. I am tired of parents always blaming someone else for thier own faults.Parents want a quick buck when it comes to sueing. If this kid were so good why did he take a weapon? the Media of course only posting what they want to post how he was a good kid and how he will be missed but what if he had killed someone. what then

hey deb! are you ok? did you read your own post? or did you have your lapdog type it for you. police? police have been having bad headlining since whenever. try being a no name black or hispanic then make a comment for the time being. i think is cool that you have spanky typing for you but this is about a human child.

The police did the right thing. The problem here is poor parenting. If a kid takes a gun to school how are the police supposed to know if it is real or not. The police did the right thing to protect the public, the parents should be investigated for allowing the child to take a gun to school.

once again. poor parenting. and this happened on the school grounds. do you feel safe sending your kids to school with what the school are willing to allow to happen? after all. scools are responsible for every student "body". you too have you cup of java

Thats your opinion, however I along with actually hundreds of others , believe the police acted unprofessionaly, did not try to talk the child down, and if the police were professionals they would have seen the gun to be only a pellet type or bb gun, and Iam not sure as you also are not sure that the police may have known that before killing the child. More than one shot is considerd Excessive force! If only One cop shot the kid 3times He should be Hanged !

i seen the side of that gun. now show the barrel. go to your local k-mart and see for yourself what a pellet gun looks like on the barrel side. if that boy truly had a chance, then he would still be living. hanging should be allowed to itchy trigger finger cops who has no remorse for a child. i agree

Robert, yes it is my opinion however i also had a similar type of air pistol when I was a teenager and as a matter of fact my family had many guns of all types. However my parents ensured that they were accounted for and properly secured daily. I was not given a gun and then not held accountable. The air pistol that I had was made to look exactly like a 44 Magnum and if you were more than 15 or 20 feet away you would not be able to tell the difference. The police did the right thing.

Robert, . . and HUNDREDS of others, . . Here's the deal ! . . You brandish a gun, . . ANY GUN, . . in the presence of Armed Police Officers and you're gonna get SHOT !!! . . PERIOD ! . . Police are trained to shoot multiple rounds when faced with a lethal threat ! . . They are under strict ORDERS to not allow possible injury or death to themselves nor to any other person who is present or in the threat area. . . Right NOW is a good time for all young people to understand that guns are not toys !

Are you an eyewitness? Just how do you know exactly what the police did? One cannot draw conclusions like you have based on the media reports. You are showing a prejudice in expressing such an opinion, yet not having been present and witnessing the event personnally. You are also incorrect regarding what is considered to be excessive force.

I tell you what Jim, I bet you would not think it was excessive force if that kid had that gun pointed at one of your kids in school. You would be thanking the police for saving your childs life. Quit being such a nancy and make people accountable for their actions.

hey campy. one word three syllables. GITRDONE... ignorant? i know. just thought i show you on a mirrors perspective.

Did you see the gun? And your use of the word "child" did not go unnoticed. The poor little baby.

Well Jack, how would you like that poor little baby to be in the same classroom with your kids with a knife and gun, I bet you wont be as sympathetic then.

While we are at it, why don't we send in a psychologist every time a criminal has a gun and won't put it down. If he has family problems or a GOOD reason to have it, we just say, "oh, okay, he has a good reason." "Our bad, everybody go home, he has a reason for pointing a gun and threatening school administrators." What a crock!

Maybe you don't really understand the meaning of "deadly force." Maybe they just said it to you hoping you knew what it meant, but I guess not. Also, I am willing to be Army training and police training are NOT the same thing. No matter how, where they would have shot the kid, it was a lose-lose situation. Imagine it, they shoot him in the leg. The comments then begin, couldn't they just NOT have shot him at all?

The facts are that the environment was contained, it was a stand off with very trained police (supposedly) and child that had emotional problems (more likely bullies that are supported by mean ass teachers). The kid made a mistake, but it was an immature mistake that could have caused damage, but it did not. The situation was contained and when the police were in that position they used deadly force to submiss and be heroes. I disagree.

Will reserve judgment on this as far as whether or not police could have done differently.However at first glance it does seem that they could have found a better way. Whether it was or wasn't a"good shoot" it is tragic.

TAKE A WALK ! . . Reserve judgement on WHAT ? . . You were not standing in the shoes of the Police officers and therefore CANNOT POSSIBLY JUDGE what you would have or would not have done in similar circumstances. . Wait until you're faced with someone pointing a gun at YOU and then just see what you actually do. . . Remember, . . The Police rightfully believed that they were faced with PROBABLE lethal force and had only seconds to decide whether THEY would live to go home or die on the spot !

Saddam Hussein. convicted of trying to assassinate the ex president. he was found underground in some hole in the sands over seas. and brought to trial in the u.s! anything wrong here? he was brought to trial in the u.s.. that boys is being mutilated even beyond his grave with the media and the words of ignorant people like you

IDIOT!! Read or listen to the police dispatch report it's on the net already. They were not in any danger so they did not need to use deadly force. By the way, the child was shot in the head.... Do u not call that deadly force....IDIOT!!

I agree, and snd my CONDOLENCES to the Family of that Child... and to all you that think the police did the right thing.. what would you be saying if it was your 15yr. young son whose life was quashed in seconds by gunslinging , hotheads, that dont have to provide drug testing in Brownsville police department!

You people are idiots..you weren't there..it just shows how ignorant and bias towards stupidness you are..a 15yr old boy with a rifle pointed at you...you tell him to drop it..he doesn't..you don't sit around and wait to see if he actually shoots somebody to see if it was real or he wasnt going to do something..the police did what they had to do to stop the threat..that you in your poor idiot minds can cope with that and its your problem..blame the parents not the police. Think first then talk

hummm sounds like you were there!! was YOU? However it doesnt really matter if any of us were there, the Police could have , should have , taken more time to asses the situation, and try to talk him down! My perspective, does that make me an Idiot also ?

Yep !!! . . KNOW THIS !!! . . No Police Officer is required to "Talk Anybody Down" ! . . Their job is to keep the peace, . . to Protect and Serve the people in their community ! . . Once you pick up a gun and start to endanger others you become disconnected from that community and a threat to the peace and security of others ! . . You are then THE ENEMY !!! . . Get that through your head now before you do something just as stupid as this young man did ! . . You won't live to brag about it !!!

Thank you...

I am sure all of you would be singing a different tune if he had shot, knifed, or threatened your little brother or sister or even your child. All of you would be talking about how the kid got what he deserved and that he was some kind of thug. I can't believe you people. As if the officer or officers woke up this morning thinking, "man, I hope I get to shoot an ARMED 8th grader." Wake up. All schools have their problems. Oh, and you misspelled principals vigilante. Genius.

Yes, I am sure you people would be singing a different tune if the kid had shot or threatened YOUR child or little brother or sister. I am positive that if that had been the case, you would have called him a thug or something, and that he got what he deserved.

REALLY?? YOUR MENTALITY IS JUST MURDER THOSE TYPE KIDS!!? YOU MUST believe in Shakespeare- he said kill them all!! reffering of course to Lawyers!

Couldnt the police insted of shoot to kill on a 14 yr old boy should of shoot in arm or leg insted of shoot to kill. mabey the boy had problems in his family or disable o or a local gang threatened him to do that. or maybe since Bisd has some bad apples (teachers and principles) did somthing to detonate that boys anger. please check in to it He was only a boy after all. didnt they called on his parents to deescalte the situation or have a negociator to descalte the situacion on hand insted kill!

I agree on the faculty members. I have two neighbors that are teachers at the BISD and they both smoke pot every night. How do I know, you may ask, we all know how it smells. I am not making this up. I wish it was not true but it is... They r people too... They also make mistakes.

Hey, Vigilante ! . . Maybe YOU ought to go go back to school and "LARN HAW TA SPEL ! . . And while you're there take a gun to school with you one day, brandish it and see what happens ! . . Spelling will become the least of your problems !

The police do not shoot to kill. They shoot to STOP the danger. A Look-Alike copy in the hands of one who no doubt knows the rules, and CHOOSES OF HIS OWN MAKING to violate them can only chose his actions. He CANNOT chose his consequences. A use of armed force to the arm or leg might not stop the danger, and their lives as well as the lives of others around would be in peril. Training takes over. Aim for center of mass. It may not serve as an example to anyone else, but he will never do it again

That is one of the dumbest things Imhave ever heard, when a gun is pointed at you do you think that poor cop had time to think... " oh let me shoot this guy in the leg or the arm but if I miss he can shoot me in the chest or head. He has a family to go home too as well.. What about that poor cop he is human just like you and me and now has to live with the fact that he shot a troubled teen that had pellet gun for the rest of his life.... It sucks all the way around but the right thing was done..

Daddy and EZ, . . Two great posts, . . Thanks. . Tommy

With all due respect to your comment...im sorry..but in law enforcement there are no warning shots...weater it be in the military or law enforcement you shoot to kill..Law enforcement officers are trained to shoot at targets in training at center mass or a head shot as a hit to pass to carry a weapon...in this case the officer was just doing there job.If you want top put a blame on anyone in this case it should be with the parents.I cide W/ police department ,but all the facts will come out soon

Why is it that people want to jump to blame the parents? My parents were the some of the very best parents, and I did dumb things that I did regret, but no one back in those days wanted to blame the parents for every stupid thing their child done in his life. It's a sad outcome for any child ,to be murdered in our schools... no matter by who!

MURDERED ??? . . Where'd you get THAT idea ? . . You're clearly a liberal Dummycrat O'Bogus supporter !!! . . . You ever heard, "The acorn never falls far from the tree" ?

You've been watching too much TV - in a life and death scenario as the one encountered by police, the ONLY option is to eliminate the threat as quickly as possible. "Shooting someone in the arm or leg" is not only a ridiculous suggestion by someone that has obviously never shot a gun before. You aim a gun at a cop after you've been told to "drop your weapon" and you're going down - I don't care how old, stupid or retarted you are.

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