Rare Parrot Perches In Tree

Friday, June 1, 2012 - 1:00pm

Bird won't come down after being startled by fireworks.

A rare 3-year-old parrot that had never flown before was startled by fireworks and flew high up into a tree in its Oak Cliff, Texas neighborhood, where it remained Thursday night.

The Catalina Macaw named Samba belongs to Giulio Ferrari.

"It's obvious from his pacing that he just can't come down," Ferrari said. "He doesn't know how to and he doesn't know how to fly down. He didn't know how to fly up until yesterday."

Ferrari said the bird was scared by fireworks on Wednesday and escaped his backyard, where he had been getting sun.

Samba speaks several dozen words in English and Portuguese, Ferrari said.

"He says, 'Hello,' every morning and every night. He says, 'I love you' every day, every time he sees me. My wife doesn't do that," Ferrari joked.

On Thursday, Dallas firefighters tried to rescue the bird, but it didn't work.

"They did what they could," Ferrari said. "But as soon as they hit the tree, it flew from a 30-foot tree to a 60-foot tree."

That is where the bird remained Thursday night.

Ferrari said he isn't sure what to do to get the parrot down, but he said he would return at sunrise Friday to try to coax him to safety.

"He's hungry; he's scared," Ferrari said.

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