Raising A Stink

Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 10:34am

Skunks invade Florida couple's home.

A Palm Bay, Florida family says 10 skunks have moved in and are now living in their kitchen walls.

Bill Palieri and his wife say the animals just walk around like they own the place and it goes without saying that the place stinks.

Wildlife trapper James Dean said he has only been able to catch one of the animals.

He said catching that one animal was difficult and not a very pleasant experience.

"You're going to get sprayed no matter what you do," said Dean.

The couple left home for a month recently and left the window cracked.

Now, the skunks are in the walls, under the cabinets and behind the appliances.

They're chewing wires -- making the stove unusable -- and snacking on cat food and anything else they can find.

Dean said he is donating his time to help the couple.

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