Quidditch Hits The Field

Saturday, November 20, 2010 - 9:22am

Dozens of college teams band together to form league for sport made popular by "Harry Potter".

Harry Potter fans are getting in on a game taken from the pages of the Potter books.

They're actually playing quidditch.

Florida International University's Golden Panthers have joined 46 other quidditch teams across the country on the "International Quidditch Association", which has taken a game of fantasy and made it a reality with one slight difference.

They can't fly.

There are seven positions.

Three are chasers; they score the points.

Two are beaters, defensive players who knock you out of the game.

The keepers guard the goals and the seeker goes after the golden snitch, which will win the game.

For those of you who think quidditch just belongs in a wizarding world, Rumor is the NCAA may deem it a sport in two years.

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