Quidditch Comes To Life

Saturday, July 9, 2011 - 9:48am

Sport introduced by "Harry Potter" is finding its way onto real playing fields.

Texas schools may soon have a new sport added to the roster: Quidditch.

Once played by wizards in the "Harry Potter" movies, hundreds of schools across the U.S. are starting up leagues of their own.

The sport has become so popular that Texas' University Interscholastic League is in talks with quidditch players across the state to learn just how many kids want to see this game become a real sport.

A year and a half ago kids at Keller High School approached teacher David Clemmons about making it a school sport.

"They showed me a video on YouTube and we fell in love with it, and I said I would help out," he says.

Just like in the movie two teams score by tossing the ball through raised rings while two "seekers" try to catch the "snitch".

In the movie the snitch is a ball that flies around.

That's obviously not going to happen in real life, so a human plays the part of the the snitch and the game ends when a ball tied to that player is torn.

The kids say quidditch takes more athleticism than you'd would expect.

"It's a lot of running, I run track and this is sometimes more of a work out than that," says Kati Polaski.

Quidditch supporters hope to get 3,000 signatures on a petition before they return to the UIL board next year.

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