Quick draw clerk stops robber caught on camera

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 10:54am

A criminal trying to rob a liquor store ended up running for his life and it was all caught on camera. It happened at the store called "Beer 30" in Marionville, Missouri, Melody Pettit shows us what happened.

Jon Lewis has only worked here for a few months, but has been carrying a gun on his hip for a lot longer, "I've had a weapon on my side, around my shoulder holster, or small of my back for a good portion of my life."

That's because he's a veteran and a former undercover detective and prison guard, "A person should not have to live in fear, we've fought too hard to make this country a free country, why should you be every time you walk out your door."

So when this guy walked into his shop and pulled a gun on him, "He looked me square in the eyes, said you need to give me all your money and pulled a gun up like this."

He knew exactly what to do. A surveillance video shows how quickly he reacted, "I put my hand out and he just kept leaning over the counter like he was trying to get the gun up and he got a little higher and I just went ahead and brought mine out and put it right in his mouth and I told him to get the F out of here before I blew his F'n head off, that's exactly what I said."

The man left empty handed and with more than just surprise in his eyes, "It looked like he was either high or drunk or the other, dumbfounded like he couldn't believe that just happened."

Lewis still thought he might fire shots into the building, he went to a doorway in a back room, "It's a protective shield, if someone wants to try and take potshots through the wall, this is going to protect me here, kinda hard to hit me, if he does, I'm just going to get grazed."

Lewis says it was a split second decision, one he couldn't be happier with, "Yeah I'm proud of what I did as long as that pistol was here but if I seen just one glimpse of the actual barrel, then we would be closed right now, we'd have to do a cleanup, he would have been dead."

Aurora police say they got a good look at the suspect from the surveillance video and are looking for him.

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