Quarantined Monkey Examined by Zoo Veterinarian

Thursday, May 24, 2012 - 8:10am

The male Patas monkey that was recovered by Mission animal control last week underwent a series of tests on Wednesday at the Gladys Porter Zoo. The tests included x-rays, blood work and your standard physical examination since the monkey has been in quarantine since it's capture because zoo officials are concerned it might be carrying a disease. Veterinarian Dr. Thomas DeMarr did the tests and said, "It's very important that we know what this animal's disease status is because we have no idea where he comes from. He could have been mixed with other species of monkeys he could have viruses that are not known or not common in Patas monkeys. He could even have viruses that are deadly to other species of monkeys or potentially to humans." Blood results will be available in several days and Dr. DeMarr says the monkey will eventually be sent to another zoo.

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