Putting a Stop to "Politiqueras" Illegal Practices

Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 8:40am

Stopping "politiqueras" is their main goal.

"A "politiquera" is a anyone who solicits an illegal vote from someone." said Mary Helen Flores, the President of "Citizens Against Voter Abuse" (CAVA).

"Citizens Against Voter Abuse", is a newly formed non-partisan group and their mission is to stop voter registration and mail in ballot fraud generated by these crooked campaign workers.

"These campaign workers will go to adult daycares centers, nursing homes, or to homes of the elderly and talk them into signing their ballot and then taking the ballot and filling it out themselves and then casting that ballot for the candidate that they work for." said Flores.

She adds, for decades mail in ballot numbers have been disproportionate to the number of people who actually go to the polls. CAVA believes the majority of the time, many of these votes are illegal votes based on the election code.

"Those people are stealing all of our votes." said the CAVA President.

The watchdog group has kicked off a "respect my vote" pledge drive where candidates running for Cameron County positions can sign a form acknowledging they will not participate in the gathering of illegal votes from the help of “politiqueras” or by any other means.

"The Citizens Against Voter Abuse" organization will release the names of candidates who signed the pledge as early as next week. That list will be published in several Cameron County newspapers.

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