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Friday, October 29, 2010 - 9:38am

Deaf pup bonds with fellow animal shelter resident.

We've all heard of service dogs for people with disabilities, but in the kennels of Ohio's Preble County Humane society, officials say a very unique bond had formed.

A dog had taken on the role of caretaker for another dog with a disability.

Maggie and Charmin were both playful pups that came in as stray animals.

Charmin is a 9-month old chocolate brown Sharpei mix.

Her best friend Maggie is a one-year old boxer mix.

It was hard to tell by looking at her, but Humane Society officials said Maggie was born deaf.

"We noticed that Maggie was really watching Charmin and following her lead, and Charmin would always kinda look back to see if Maggie was coming," said April Townsend, manager of the Preble County Humane Society.

Townsend said Charmin was acting as Maggie's ears.

The two dogs did everything together.

"When it's time for feeding we do see that she kinda will nudge Maggie, if Maggie is sleeping," said Townsend.

Humane Society officials said they did not typical pair up dogs to adopt out, but they hoped Maggie and Charmin could be adopted out together because of the special bond the two dogs had formed.

"We do want to keep them together. Maggie is already very comfortable with Charmin and kinda follows her lead which helps in training her in a home environment," said Townsend.

Both are described as playful, but obedient dogs, with a very sweet and mild temperament.

"The most amazing thing us is the fact that Charmin took on the role of caretaker as a natural instinct which is typically what we'd have to train people to do," said Townsend.

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