Pulled to safety

Pulled to safety
Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 2:08pm

A dramatic rescue of three people, after fast moving flood water swamps their vehicle.

(NBC News) As storms rolled through, crews staged a dramatic rescue in north Iowa, pulling a child and 2 adults from a vehicle submerged in floodwater.

It happened Wednesday evening near I-35, just south of the Minnesota-Iowa border near Northwood, Iowa, not long after a severe thunderstorm rolled through the area.

A terrifying evening for a family turned into a miraculous rescue, as water overflowed a ditch alongside a road and threatened to overtake a submerged SUV.

In this desperate situation, had the rescue team been any later, the three inside this car may have faced a different fate.

The experience was traumatizing, given the shock on the girl's face as she is rushed to dry land, then the emotional tears as she reaches her family.

Authorities say they spent 45 minutes getting the girl and two women out of the SUV.

All three were examined on scene by first responders.

It is unclear if they were transported to a hospital or sustained any injuries.

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