PSJA North High's Folklorico Program Preserves Student Heritage

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 9:49am

SAN JUAN - Alfredo Torres and Daveny Cantu dance after school to a traditional song from the Mexican State of Jalisco. They are part of PSJA North High School's Folklorico club.

"I really like dancing, I like the Mexican rhythm in it, I like the different cultures, the regions that it comes from," said Daveny.

The students in the club represent a small percentage of their peers that practice traditional Mexican dancing.

"It actually makes me really proud to say I dance Folklorico, because you don't see that many students that actually like it or join it," said Cantu.

Each student has their own reasons for joining, but most say it's to embrace a part of their heritage.

"Well I see other people when they come from other places, especially like Mexico, they come up here, they lose their culture," said Cantu.

But three times a week, these students practice group dances and duets.

"I feel like myself, I love dancing and being in front of people, and I just love dancing," said Torres.

Folklorico covers so many dances from so many regions, many times practices can seem like a history lesson.

"Well I think we all need to know a little bit about where we come from, and if our grand parents or our parents came from Mexico, we need to learn a little about that and keep it alive and not forget about it," said Jose Hinojosa, Folklorico Club Instructor.

The programs been around for 18 years, but this year the students will start competing.

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