Protest against DPS checkpoint


POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 4:39pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 27, 2013 - 10:47am

Law enforcement is stepping up efforts around the Rio Grande Valley and people are angry about it.  

The Department of Public Safety announced two weeks ago plans to increase checkpoints.  Along with other agencies, the plan is to cut down on car accidents, but also to make drivers have their licenses, insurance and proper registration.  

"They have all these checkpoints coming up to get small criminals when they should be putting away people that really matter, and use the money elsewhere for the people," said protester Frankie Cardenas.  

The DPS is a state agency focusing an operation solely on the Rio Grande Valley.  The program doesn't have a stated goal or a timeline.  In a press release, the DPS says the crackdown is temporary and short-term.

Wednesday's protesters say it has people afraid of police and is only in the Valley because of the large Hispanic population.  

"There's criminals all over the United States. Why just here in an isolated area like in the Valley?" asked Erica Ocana, who organized the protest. "They're just trying to get to work. They're staying home for fear of leaving their homes, and that's just not right."  

Ocana started a Facebook page where Valley residents post locations of checkpoints so people know which intersections to avoid.  One could say it offers a way to avoid law enforcement.  But protesters offer a more practical approach.  

"We're just trying to get from point A to point B without any distractions, it could be going to work and we have to go through that and become late," Cardenas said. 

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You have nothing to worry about if you have all your stuff up to date. I don't mind DPS or any law enforcement agency doing their job..."oh that's right you haven't registered your vehicle in two yaers and have an expired or no drivers licensce, maybe a warrant too!" Follow the law and rules MOFO!

"They're staying home for fear of leaving their homes, and that's just not right". What the hell are they afraid of? If they are legal and not criminals, why do they object? People complain when the Police don't protect them and they complain when the Police do protect them! If you want less law, move to Mexico.

I am not one to protest, but law enforcement has proven itself, again and again to not care what people say or think about being against the checkpoints. I personally feel it isn't right. There is such a thing as profiling and in my opinion, that is the perfect definition of what it is they are doing here in the valley. I don't see them doing it anywhere else in the U.S., so why here in the valley and why now? There is enough discrimination and corruption and it needs to be STOPPED!

These protesters are protesten because they do not have their proper paper work-ex> insurance and registration. If you have everything you are supposed to them there should be no problem. And they should STOP claiming discrimination.

Why because they are going to be caught without Insurance, Driver License, a pass crime, why fear if you do things RIGHT....

Very true once again the government takes away our freedom. Don't they have anything better to do and for all the bolios I am a middle class Hispanic with lots of insurance this is just more government harassment.

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