Prom Ban Reversed

Monday, May 16, 2011 - 9:37am

Connecticut teen banned for romantic proposal will be allowed to go to his prom after all.

Hundreds of thousands of people had been pulling for James Tate to be able to go to prom after he was banned over his creative prom invite, and it worked.

On Saturday, headmaster Dr. Beth Smith overturned the ban.

The two people at the center of the prom controversy said the response they have been getting has been positive overall, quite surprising and they are ready to go on with their lives in a more private manner.

“I think this has been blown completely out of proportion,” Tate told Matt Lauer on the “Today Show” on Monday. “But it’s cool.”

On Friday, the day before the decision was overturned, Tate met with Dr. Smith and she told him he was handling the situation and the spotlight well and offered help to deal with the stressful situation, Tate said.

The controversy started with Tate and two of his friends taping large cardboard letters to the school wall:

"Sonali Rodrigues, Will you go to the prom with me? HMU -Tate."

The school considered the invitation trespassing and school rules required that the students involved be barred from prom.

Since that day Tate and Rodrigues have been in the international spotlight.

State and local politicians weighed in and people were calling on Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah to have Tate on.

People from other counties posted on the Let James Tate Go to Prom Facebook page.

People who had never before met the teenagers now recognize them.

When Rodrigues went to the movies the other day, someone asked for her autograph in the bathroom.

“I’ll walk through a place and everyone starts looking at me, which I’m not used to,” Rodrigues said.

On Saturday, Smith announced that the prom ban would be overturned and that there would be “alternative consequences.”

Tate said he has not yet heard what the consequences are and he feels like he has done his time for his action.

When asked if he would agree to the punishment.

“Yeah, we’ll se what it is,” Tate said.

Both are ready for the publicity to subside and just enjoy prom and the rest of the school year.

Of course, they still have prom ahead of them and it’s quite likely that the couple will be chosen for prom king and queen.

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