Program Aimed To Get Gang Members Out Of The Gang


POSTED: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 9:34pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 21, 2011 - 8:22am

The city of Brownsville police department in partnership with BISD police received a $100,000 grant which identified 300 juveniles that are gang members or that were on there way to joining a gang. The goal of the program is to lead them out of the gang life for something better. Wednesday some of those juveniles willing to take advantage of this program heard chief Carlos Garcia and the mayor of Brownsville speak.

"Individuals that are willing to come forward, I want to improve myself they are identifying what their issues are, this is where we come in and help them some of the issues, I want a job, I want to get out of school quickly and help my family."

Chief Garcia says if these juveniles did not come forward and participate and he said in the gang life they could become part of the cartels.

"We are right on the border a lot of family on the other side and because of family or association some of the individuals end up being part of a drug trafficking association."

Michael Sanchez was a guest speaker speaking to the juveniles. He is a former gang member part of gang for more than 10 years. Sanchez who has been to prison knows the tough life of being a member.

"If your in a gang your going to go to prison or your going to get killed that's basically it."

About a year ago Sanchez left the gang and says his life has changed.

"Beautiful life you have family, family in the most important thing and it's a good feeling that you have you don't have to worry about anything looking over your shoulder."

Sanchez biggest message for the juveniles.

"The message we are trying to do here is make these kids understand there is a better life out there a better life an opportunity."

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