Principal accused in husband's murder

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 10:30am

A shocking arrest in California, a beloved elementary school principal, suspected in the murder of her own husband, Leslie Chance is scheduled to be arraigned, the same day that her husband is laid to rest, Miguel Marquez has more.

Ken Chichester, Kern Co. Assistant Superintendent, "It's very hard to believe. Several of the people I talked to, their first response was they got the wrong person this time. It was out of character and very hard to believe."

Chance was arrested after her husband Todd Chance was found, shot multiple times, his body dumped in an almond orchard, his car found in a residential area 20 miles away.

Ray Pruitt, Kern County Sheriff's Office, "We do believe she is the person who drove his vehicle to that neighborhood then dropped it off then walked away from the vehicle."

Chance was principal at Fairview Elementary for three years and with the school district since 1997. A murder charge, the last thing parents, students and colleagues would ever have guessed.

Ken Chichester, "Well liked, as far as I know. No complaints. Hard-working. Pretty quiet. Well respected. Professional."

With school just back in session last week, the school year starting off with tragedy and concern for parents, "She's a principal at a school with kids and to commit murder. Now what are the kids going to think?"

School officials insist the school is safe and are urging parents to talk to their kids about the serious allegations made against someone they know and trust.

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