President of Weslaco Firefighters Association Says More Manpower Needed

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - 10:21am

WESLACO - One firefighter, who was at the scene of three homes that were on fire, says more manpower could have prevented some damage to those homes.

Chris Cuellar, President of the Weslaco Firefighters Association, says he's been asking the city for more firefighters and has written letters to the mayor and city leaders to discuss the issue. He says they had fourteen firefighters from their department on duty and feels there should have been at least 22 available. He says because they didn't have enough help and called other fire departments from other cities for help.

Mr. Cuellar says, "We may have been able to save the second house from getting damaged or at least minimize it, we would have been able to dedicate a firefighters to the house while others were extinguishing the one already damaged."

NewsCenter 23 contacted the Weslaco city manage for a comment about Cuellar's manpower concern, but received no response.

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