President Obama and G8 Leaders Wrap up Summit

Sunday, May 20, 2012 - 11:12am

MARYLAND - President Obama and the Leaders of the G-Eight Industrialized nations wrapped up their weekend summit at Camp David.

They gathered at the presidential retreat in Maryland, but their focus was on Greece, and the Debt crisis that is weighing down the Euro. And Global Economic recovery efforts.

At Maryland's Camp David, President Obama and his fellow G-8 leaders declared they stand united on fixing a Global Economy that's still facing stiff headwinds.

Their most pressing concern, a Greek financial crisis that's threatening to spread.

The Greek people have thrown out the government that agreed to strict austerity measures in return for a European bailout.

The G8 leaders say they're still willing to help but expect Greece to honor its commitments.

This meeting is an initiation for the new leaders of France, Italy and Japan.

The White house is Downplaying the absence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He sent his prime Minister the country's former President in what was seen as a snub, but the Obama Administration says the United States and Russia are still working together at this Summit.

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