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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 10:00am

Being pregnant and looking your best doesn't have to harm your baby.

Many women do want to stay beautiful during pregnancy but are afraid that their look good routine is harming the baby. So if you've been ignoring your nails or pushing aside your favorite face creams, here is some good news.

Swollen ankles, varicose veins, and stretch marks are as common as pickles and ice cream in pregnancy, but pregnant women still want to look their best.

That's why some are turning to body shapers like Mama Spanx hoping to look good while expecting, but if the idea has you worried about harming you or the baby, Obstetrician Dr. David Ufberg says relax.

Dr. Ufberg says "I find a lot of patients, not just Spanx, but any support garment, see a lot of benefits."

Benefits like back and pelvic support.

Dr. Ufberg says "if a garment is so restrictive that it's uncomfortable for you, that it's causing difficulty breathing, then you need to consult your physician."

And if breakouts are your pregnancy burden, the doctor says most over the counter skin care products, such as those with benzoyl peroxide, are safe, he does give warnings though.

Dr. Ufberg says "the skin gets very sensitive in pregnancy so you have to be careful. If there's a medication that someone is using that I can't say is one hundred percent safe, like Retin-A type product, then I will tell them very clearly to avoid it."

And if you're slathering cream on your belly to avoid stretch marks, he says they are safe but not proven effective.

So if you are worried that you're not going to be able to partake in your regular beauty regimen, rest assure Dr. Ufberg says that they are all perfectly safe during pregnancy.

Dr. Ufberg says "there's never been any studies to show that pedicures or foot massage are going to cause problems in a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy."

What about getting rid of that unwanted hair?

Dr. Ufberg says "wax away."

Facials and massages?

Dr. Ufberg says "mandatory."

Dr. Ufberg also says highlights, teeth whiteners, and manicures, as long as it's clean and well ventilated, are all perfectly safe.

Dr. Ufberg says "listen to your body. I remind patients that they are pregnant. They're not sick and that it's a wonderful, magical time and that you shouldn't be afraid to look your best and feel your best."

Doctor Ufberg stressed that all of these are safe in people who are otherwise healthy having an uncomplicated pregnancy. Anyone who has any medical problems in pregnancy or has any concerns or questions, definitely check with your doctor first.

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