Powerlifting Her Way to the Top

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 - 9:47am

PSJA High School North has one female athlete with the will to win.

PHARR -  Picture a high school weight room. Sweat pouring down athletes as they bench press hundreds of pounds of cold, hard metal. But the athletes you're picturing.... are they women? At PSJA High School North, one girl is bringing home state titles for pumping iron.

"I love to lift, so at the house I would always be doing weights and everything and my sister told me you should try power lifting. You should move to this school and join power lifting," said Alejandra Camacho, 5A Texas State Champion - 148 Division.

And she did. Alejandra changed schools to follow her dream and because a new student at PSJA North her junior year.

"My friends over there, I was with them since like sixth grade and just moving here and not knowing anybody it was really hard to start all over," said Camacho.

But her passion propelled her through her new school and all the way to the Texas State Women's Powerlifting Championship in 2010.

"We went to state and we finished second and when that day was over she said, 'I'm coming back for first.'," said Nora Lizcano, Head Powerlifting Coach.

So with the help of her coach, Camacho changed her workout to shock her muscles, dropped a weight class and traveled to Corpus Christi for the 2011 State Championships.

Camacho competed in three events: the bench, the squat and the dead lift. In total she lifted 915 pounds.

And that weight amount made her a Texas Women's Powerlifting Champion.

But the sport of powerlifting is sometimes stereotyped.

"When they hear girls power lifting they think big muscles, they are going to look manly and that is not the case with power lifting. It is completely different from body building," said Lizcano.

Coach Lizcano pushes all of her athletes to succeed and be healthy. 

"She has always been there for me, she treats us like her daughter and she encourages just, she always pushed us to keep going and never say we can't do it, because we never say that in the weight room," said Camacho.

Coach Lizcano is helping Camacho pursue powerlifting in college. Ready to attend UTPA in the fall, Camacho has her mind made up to join their club powerlifting team. 

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im so proud of her (: congratulations sis, i love you (:

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