Power Outages In Cameron County


POSTED: Friday, February 4, 2011 - 5:46pm

UPDATED: Saturday, February 5, 2011 - 10:05am

You can see this utility pole loaded with the ice and the wires full of ice.
You could also see police directing traffic as the lights are out.
Thousands in Los Fresnos are without power including clint finley and his young son.

"It's cold"

That's right little Beau Finley said it's cold. That's why his dad is taking him to keep warm while they don't have power.

"It's getting cool in the house we are going somewhere where it warm, and have electricity for the boy and I."

Little beau is all strapped in their vehicle.

"Going to turn the heater on."

Finley says they plan to head to mall to warm and hoping for the best with the power at their home.

"We would love to get the power back as soon as we can, be warm comfortable and watch some tv."

Not to far down the road at the Wanda Garza's home it's was a winter wonderland her in backyard.

"It's been a sea of ice when the sun came out it was like rockets going off our roof its been incredible like in '83 when the temperature drop some quickly its just been hurendous."

Garza and her husband did not have power Thursday night and this Friday. It came on for them just as we company vehicle arrived in their driveway. Garza says she was more concerned about her horses in backyard.

"We got in the and decided we needed to move the horses if we didn't we would have lost them, I have a Philly that's 7 months old and they were just shivering so we got them out before the freeze hit."

Garza says her horses are doing great, as for the electricity they are hoping it comes back on soon.

AEP is asking people to be patient as they work round the clock to fix the outages.

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