Potential Port agreement could mean more local jobs

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POSTED: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 5:06pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 8:12am

There's only two more public hearings until the commissioners of the Port of Brownsville decide on whether or not they want to sign a 30-year agreement with a Denver-based company called OmniTrax.

This contract would put OmniTrax in charge of running the Brownsville-Rio Grande Railroad that serves the Port of Brownsville.

"What we're talking about as it related to the railroad is turning over the operation of the management of this company that brings certain resources that we don't have, whether it's marketing, whether it's capital, things of that nature," said Port of Brownsville director Eddie Campirano.

But perhaps even more important than these additional resources is the opportunity for job creation through one major outlet.

If the Brownsville Navigation District signs this agreement with the private company, then a 1200 acre industrial park will be created at the port.

"And so with this franchise agreement, this company would be responsible for investing about eight and a half million dollars within a five year period," said Campirano.

According to the agreement, that money will be spent on common area elements like infrastructure and lighting at the industrial park.

"We believe there's some real synergies in this relationship to not only bring more assets and resources to the railroad, but obviously couple that by bringing the opportunity to have an industrial park because our ultimate goal is to obviously create employment opportunities here at the Port of Brownsville," said Campirano.

The next public hearings that allow you to voice your opinion will occur tomorrow and May 8.


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