Valley Postal Worker Arrested For Drug Scheme

POSTED: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 - 9:20pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:33am

A Valley U.S. Postal worker, along with two others are being indicted on 11 counts for possession with the intent to traffic drugs through the mail.
Two are already behind bars, one of the suspects remains on the loose.
U.S. Postal worker, 45-year old, Eva Zamora from San Benito is accused of trying to traffic more than 200 pounds of pot, using her place of work, The Los Indios Post Office, to do it.
Valley resident, Krystal Ayala says, she doesn't give any drug trafficking scheme, involving the post office her stamp of approval.
"I've never even thought about doing that, I can't believe the extent people will go to traffic it."
Daily, millions of letters and packages are processed in the mail.
But, it's not everyday, Resident, Larry Garza says, that the hears about mailing marijuana.
"That's scary, an innocent person could open up the mail, and the federal agency is tracking it, and now you have to defend yourself when you didn't even know what was happening."
These residents say, postal workers are supposed to deliver their packages and their letters with care, and that their not supposed to be careless with their jobs.
"To hear someone's abusing their power to do this, that's a shocker."
These folks say, some people will do anything to make that cold hard cash, and it just isn't right.
Investigators say, an 8-month investigation lead to Zamora's arrest along with alleged co-conspirator, 54-year old, Juana Pesina-Sierra of Los Indios.
Authorities are still looking for 29-year old, Jose Sanchez from San Benito, who they believe helped with the scheme.
These charges carry a mandatory sentence of 5-40 years behind bars if convicted.
The U.S. Postal Inspection Service says they take mailing drugs seriously. They will pay up to 50-thousand dollars to anyone who helps lead to the arrest of those individuals using U.S. mail, for this crime.

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