Post Secondary Efforts Making Positive Shift: Numbers Prove It!


POSTED: Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 29, 2013 - 8:21am

One hundred percent of senior students at two BISD high schools have applied to college and the other campuses aren't far behind; Lopez and Pace lead the way.

Top administrators say this is great indicator that there is a shift in interest towards post secondary education.

"The majority of our students are from low socio-economic families and are first generation college students and so they don't necessarily come from a background where college is discussed," said Merrill Hammons, BISD Administrator for Guidance and Counseling.

“It was challenging getting 100 percent, but we did it and I am really proud of everybody," said Dahlia Aguilar, Lopez High School Principal.

“Everybody”, includes a number of people and even outside partners; a main partner being Advise Texas, a college advising corps that helps bridge the gap between high school and college.

"I wanna be the first in my family to go cause everyone goes, but they never seem to finish," said Jose Gracia, Lopez High School Senior.

It's all part of the college readiness process. Some initiatives BISD has set into motion, others have been specifically introduced by individual campuses.

At Lopez specifically, there are special guidelines in order to be able to graduate.

"We want them to apply to at least eight colleges or universities," explained Aguilar.

And to do that, they offer students an abundance of help and guidance.

"We implemented a new class, an SAT class and there we have time to apply for college and scholarships, i think that's really helped us this year,'" said Gloria Velasco, Lopez High School Senior.

And as students are accepted to colleges, a special place goes up on a wall down the main hallway at Lopez, each student's picture and the name of where they are accepted. Principal Aguilar says its motivation and a little healthy competition for these future college bounds seniors.

"What we've seen happen is students who probably wouldn't have thought of going to college, but are now going through the process, they're getting excited about the possibility," said Hammons.

And that's what the entire post secondary initiative is about. Motivating, educating and getting these students prepared for life beyond high school, by way of higher education.



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