Pool Pup Rescue

Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 9:26am

Dog tunnels under pool, where only fire department can rescue her.

3-year-old Molly loves to explore the backyard, even digging underground sometimes.

But last Thursday morning, the little Yorkshire-Terrier-Poodle mix went a little too far.

“She was barking a while like she was having a good time. After a while, she got kind of quiet. And then she started whimpering. Then she started kind of yelping.”

Molly's owner, 14-year-old Isabel Isaac, couldn't see her anymore.

“We could hear her barking right there.” Says Isaac, pointing towards her pool.

It turns out, Molly had crawled under the deck and dug out the sand underneath the concrete around the pool.

She managed to crawl about 15 feet before getting stuck.

“I was having a little panic attack, like what is she doing? She's stuck.” Says Isaac.

The family called in the Dallas Fire Department, which sent its urban search and rescue team for a complicated and potentially dangerous mission.

First, firefighters deployed a listening device to pinpoint molly's location.

Next, they shoveled out large amounts of dirt, drilled a hole in the concrete wall under the pool, and sent in a search camera to find molly.

After 23 hours trapped underground, Molly was finally rescued, with little damage to the Isaacs' backyard.

It was a different kind of mission for the search and rescue team, and the Isaacs will be forever grateful.

They did an amazing job. We were like, is it going to be the deck or the dog? We got to keep both.” Says Isaac.

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