Police: shooting victim not cooperating, refusing to describe suspect to investigators

Police: shooting victim not cooperating, refusing to describe suspect to investigators
Monday, February 17, 2014 - 6:24pm

Edinburg police are investigating a shooting that left one man with gun shot wounds to his arm, leg, and stomach.

Officials say it happened at an apartment complex on the 1800 block of Jason Street last night at around 9 p.m.  That's when a man answered the door to the apartment and was shot three times by an unknown male suspect with a 45-caliber weapon.

"Somebody showed up and started banging on the door," said Lt. Oscar Treviño.  "The victim opens the front door, and it was at that point that there was a male individual standing there with a firearm, and he shot at least three times toward the direction of the victim."

The victim does not live at that location; the apartment belongs to his cousin.  He was with another adult male and three young children at the time of the shooting.

The male witness did not wish to speak on camera, but said the victim did not receive any threatening calls or messages before the incident.  However, police believe this is not a random attack.

"He does have an extensive criminal history," Lt. Treviño explained.  "There's got to be some type of a causation between the two, some type of connection.  This is not something that's random, this is an isolated incident, and we need to determine what is the connection between these two and why this happened."

Newscenter 23 learned that the police recently interrogated the victim at the hospital.  He is reportedly not cooperating with investigators and does not want police to pursue this case.

The victim also refuses to give a description of the suspect and does not want to file criminal charges against the shooter.  Officials say this raises suspicion as to what actually happened in this case.

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