Police Search for Missing Man in Mission

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 8:54am

Mission police, Border Patrol and SWAT team members coordinated efforts earlier today in search of 20 yr. old Antonio Villegas from Alton.
Police say they received 15 911 calls since yesterday afternoon. The calls were traced back to  sugar cane fields off of Inspiration road.
Some of the calls suggested Villegos had been kidnapped by 5 armed immigrants.

Police did find his vehicle by the river yesterday but since 9:48 this morning they have lost all communication.

"There is no evidence in the vehicle at this time that there's evidence of foul play." says Mission Assistant Chief of Police Martin Garza, "Unfortunately, we're dealing with a cell phone that we can't call. We have to receive a call to our 911 center to receive more information."

Family members joined in on the search this morning they tell us they won't give up hope.

So far police haven't had much luck in the search family members have confirmed that the voice in those 911 calls was Villegos. Authorities will continue to search for Villegos for the remainder of the day.

If you have any information about the incident or his whereabouts the family has set up a phone number that's (956) 270.9937.

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You say, "Mission police, Border Patrol and SWAT team members coordinated efforts earlier today."
And you also say, "Police say they received 15 911 calls since yesterday afternoon."
So, when is today?
Identify the day, okay. You leave stories on your website for days.

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